The 2019-20's AECC (Asociación Estudiantil de Ciencia de Cómputos) welcomes you to its official landing page.
Here you can learn more about our plans for the 2019-20 academic year.


Throughout the year the AECC works hard to bring the best conferences to our students, our university, and the general public. We encourage you to either sponsor or participate in one of these talks. Our conferences focus on helping our members get ahead by preparing you for what is ahead during your academic and professional career by covering topics and technologies that aren't covered in class and are useful to any future computer scientist.


We believe that providing our members with a hands-on experience is the best way to help them get prepared for their future as a professional in the many fields a degree in Computer Science offers to them. It is for this reason that we invite you to save the date early on and never miss one of our Workshops. Our Workshops cover a broad range of topics in the field so there's something for everyone.


It is very important for us to network and interact in as many different ways as possible. You know, outside of the classroom where we can share new, different and interesting ideas, and just get to know new people. Also, if you have a project you're working on and would like to present it to others to get some feedback and maybe get others to join, just let us know. We want to foster a strong sense of community in our members because we believe it is a vital trait inside and outside the classroom.

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You may also become a member of the ACM, which grants you an AECC membership. We recommend you learn more from the ACM's site or from our FAQ.

If you have any questions about us or our memberships check our our FAQ,